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How we came to be

Here is the reason the whole system works and what inspired me to do all this. I've always been interested in making things with wood, but the arrival of my friend Bruce and his crane has enabled my back to continue to function. This machine does take some love to keep it working but it changes everything.

At first, all we had was the Alaskan Mill, here modeled by my friends Colin and Natalie. We had to focus on great pieces of wood like this curly redwood because it took so much effort.

Then our friend Kyle brought his portable Lucas Mill to make things much easier. We could choose from the 25" circular saw to make dimensional lumber or the 54" chainsaw for slabs.

Now Bruce and I have put together a hybrid with two saws on one set of tracks. Almost as good a fighting robots, we have a circular saw and a Linn bandsaw so we can make live edge slabs or use the circular saw and make slabs with straight edges. Come have fun with us, there's always something to do.

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