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The revelation was when it rained and the sapwood became so much more interesting... simulating what it will look like with a finish.  This is not our usual euc. species (grandis).  It has an intense pink-orange color when first cut which will return with a finish applied.  The crotch grain is a lot like walnut - except it's in color! I have so much of this that I'd like to sell some at a great price.  Some of it has dried nice and flat, but others have let it be known they would like to become benches - with the curves to meet your rear end already built in.  Let me know if that sounds like a good project and we'll negotiate some really good prices.

pink eucalyptus

SKU: 364215375135191
  • A great use for wet wood is chair seats.  As the wood dries around the tenon, the fit gets tighter.  Send us pictures of what you make.  

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