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At Neighborhood Woods we take a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to life. This is reflected in the nature of our wood sources and in the design, manufacture and sale of our products. We are serious about minimizing our footprint and contribution to the repair and long term health of the planet. We are also fully committed to the support of our local and global community as we help tackle complex social, economic and environmental issues.

Darrel has recently set up his own sawmill and partnership with a local arborist to make the best use of urban trees. Truly, one man's trash is another man's treasure.


With this found treasure, Darrel uses his experience and knowledge to create unique works from the most beautiful local woods including black acacia, walnut, monterey pine, bay, madrone, live oak and others. Due to this partnership and his involvement from the log to finished products, he is able to offer surprisingly affordable pieces. Local breweries, restaurants and wineries have benefited from his low overhead for these durable, high quality pieces.



Darrel most enjoys working with clients to create furnishings and finishes that delight the eye and speak to the heart. He offers a broad array of experience and ideas that include handcrafted lighting, doors, cabinetry, shelves, benches, tables and more. He incorporates flowing lines and a combination of local woods that create a surprisingly affordable, unique, customized environment. 

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